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taxlawJust like farmers look forward to spring planting, we look forward to tax time!

Can we help it if we get giddy this time of year!  It’s the end of 2019 and the start of 2020.  Tax forms will start to be mailed and emailed to you soon.  Remember to never email or text message these tax forms, rather make sure you send them securely.  We have a secure file portal at www.sendtotshb.com that you should use to upload files to our firm.

Tamiyasu, Smith, Horn & Braun A Professional Corporation was founded in June of 1979 by George M. Tamiyasu, CPA.  The firm’s philosophy is to provide the highest quality of accounting services to meet the requirements of our clients.

♦ Our Foundation
We are a traditional accounting firm.  We don’t take commissions, referral fees, sell you insurance nor are we a brokerage firm. We bring an independent view to your tax and financial needs.  We bring this independence of mind in our tax, financial and technology engagements. Our underlying goal is to take care of your business.  We clear through the “red tape” and the paperwork that threatens to bury you on a daily basis.  We balance our “traditional” focus with technology to help you in your daily business.

 ♦Our Specialties
We also provide specialized services that include business valuations, economic damage calculations, computer forensics, and several other types of services.  Our firm is renown in the area of litigation consulting.  This specialty allows us to advise you on the financial ramifications of divorce, civil litigation, lawsuits, etc.

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