Engaging our Firm

Our underlying  goal  is  to take care of your business.   Whether  we assist  you  in  your personal or business tax needs, we are there to handle the questions and give you advice.  We act as the buffer between you and the Internal Revenue Service.   We clear through  the  “red tape”  and the paperwork that  threatens to bury you on a daily basis.   We are there to advise you of the financial ramifications  of all  of life’s struggles.   Our firm is renown in the area of litigation consulting.   This specialty allows us to advise you on the financial ramifications of divorce, civil litigation, lawsuits, etc.   In addition, we can advise you on how to best maintain your current assets and planning for transferring those assets  to your  children.   Because our roots are in the Central Valley,  we  always  keep a close eye on the Agribusiness Community.  We know that the foundation  of our  economy in the  Valley and in  the State of  California is built on the backs of our farmers.