Our Services

First and foremost, we are not just bean counters.  We are your trusted business advisors.  We can advise and help you with your business.  From opening your business, to streamlining your business practices, to helping you transition your business to the next generations via gifting or sale, we are there to help you out every step of the way.  Interested in starting a business?  We can help!  Interested in selling your business?  We can help!  Are you an attorney that needs a person qualified to testify?  We have proven experts in the field.  We are the professionals at Tamiyasu, Smith, Horn & Braun.  Give us a call and find out for yourself how we go beyond counting the “beans”.

We are nationally recognized experts in the field of Litigation Consulting.  From Economic Damages to Valuation Engagements, we are known for our expertise and professionalism.

Financial and Bookkeeping Engagements
Starting with assisting you to better utilize your current accounting system to advising you on upgrading, our firm is known for their expertise in several small business accounting packages.

Tax Consulting
Compliance work includes more than just Individual and Business Entity Tax Returns.  We also prepare payroll, sales tax, workman’s compensation, and advise you on all matters of tax compliance and minimization of taxes.

From assisting you in more efficient use of your accounting systems, to forensic analysis of computer systems, our firm is there to assist your advanced technology needs.

Using nationally recognized forensic tools, we can assist you in electronic evidence recovery needs for your engagements.

Small Business Specialists
The firm is a Microsoft Small Business Specialist and is proud to support small businesses as well as be a small business.