Ready for 2015?

amarIt’s the day before Christmas and all through the office, we’re anticipating the end of the year and start of a new Tax Year as much as we are the sounds of the final UPS and FedEx deliveries before Christmas.

During this Holiday Season, we’d like to take this opportunity to say, “Thanks for letting us serve as your accountants”. All of us in this office have certainly enjoyed working with you during the past year.

In this final week before 2015 it’s time to review your deductions, make charitable contributions and anticipate receiving and collecting up all of those tax forms that will start to arrive in January.

Payroll tax rates are also slightly changing along with business mileage reimbursement rates. You can review the changes to payroll taxes by downloading a copy here.  In the final days of 2014 you can still make some income decisions such as accelerating income or deductions between the tax years.  Some ideas are found here and as always, please call us at 559-252-8585 and we’ll be glad to assist you in any end of the year planning you may want to do.

We’re sending to all of our clients a checklist reminder of items to accumulate for your 2014 tax return. You can download a copy here.  If you’d prefer a tax organizer listing all of last year’s information and with spaces to list 2014 information, please send us a message in the contact box below  requesting an organizer and we’ll be glad to email or mail it to you.

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