We don’t just look at spreadsheets, we dance and sing too!

Certified Public Accountants aren’t often seen as being exciting.  Whenever you watch an award show that showcases the CPAs that count the ballots, it’s often that CPAs are made fun of as being  …well… a bit boring.  But who knew that after the work day is over and we go home to relax, some of us have pretty remarkable talents.

Case in point is our Senior Forensic Accountant in the office, Mike Smith.  In the last few years he’s been not only working hard in the office, but in his spare time volunteering and performing in the annual “New Wrinkles” show.  This year, the Fresno Bee had a great article showcasing not only how talented he is, but how the show introduced him to a new chapter in his life.  Both he and Cynthia are a delight and we’re delighted to see both of them showcased in this article so everyone can see how extremely talented the two of them both are.