20 days of security

Have you reviewed the security of your router?  No matter if your router is provided by your Internet Service Provider or you purchased it, there are a few steps to take to ensure that you are as secure as you could be.  Many of these steps are covered in this FBI video.

First if the router is provided by your ISP, often they enable guest access.  I make a rule to find the section of the router that Comcast enables their allowed access and disable it.  Next I reset all default passwords of the router and ensure that the router can not be accessed externally.

Then I ask myself… how long have I had this router?  If you can’t remember when your ISP provided it to you, or when you purchased it, it’s time to contact your ISP and inquire about a hardware upgrade.  Often you need a hardware upgrade, but they forgot to tell you that you need a replacement.

Review your wifi security settings and ensure that they are as secure as they could be.  Ensure they are set to be at least WPA2.

Routers can be used by attackers in all sorts of ways.  As noted in the video:

Bad actors could watch your Internet traffic and see or steal your sensitive data.

Bad actors could send a simple command to your router and permanently disable it.

Bad actors could use your router to launch a network attack on another device.

Time to review how your router is setup and how secure it is.

So?  How well is yours set up?

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