13 days of security

Small businesses often have the least amount of resources to help protect them against cyber security attacks.  The website staysafeonline.org recently had a small business series going over several key issues.  This month’s session was about Small Business Scams, many of them even individuals have been targeted.

So take a short 30 minutes and watch was the typical scams are and how you can protect yourself.  One of the key ways I stay aware is always ask yourself “does this sound too good to be true?”  If the answer is yes, then it’s a scam.

Here’s from the Staysafeonline.org web site:

The link to the latest webinar “Small Business Scams: What to look for & how to protect your business” is now live. Slides are also available to download.

Access them here: https://staysafeonline.org/resource/csmb-webinar-small-business-scams/

The entire CyberSecure My Business Webinar series can be viewed online. Visit https://staysafeonline.org/resources/ and select “videos” under the “all types” drop down menu to replay any of the following webinars:

  • Let’s Talk About Ransomware and Phishing
  • Learn to IDENTIFY Key Assets & Data
  • Learn to PROTECT Key Assets & Data
  • Learn to DETECT a Breach
  • Put a RESPONSE Plan in Place
  • Know what RECOVERY looks like
  • Learn How to Choose and Protect Your SMB Website Hosting Service
  • Learn How to Protect Your Business Email Accounts
  • How to Assess Vendor Security
  • Email Authentication Basics
  • SMB Cyber Basics: Where to Start