April 15 deadlines?

We’re still seeing that for us in Central California where Covid-19 has not had a huge impact yet that it’s still business as usual. So while Governor Newsom has stated today that he will impose a mandate that “Delays the deadline for state tax filing by 60 days for individuals and businesses unable to file on time based on compliance with public health requirements related to COVID-19 filings;” it appears to us that unless you’ve been directly impacted, there’s no automatic extension. Note that we can still obtain an extension to file your taxes, but that doesn’t extend the time to pay the taxes. In other words for us in the Central Valley, it’s tax deadlines as usual so far.

Also be aware that here at Tamiyasu, Smith, Horn and Braun we’ve always been a bit germophobic this time of year anyway. If you’ve ever been in the office you’ll see hand sanitizer in each conference room and bleach wipe containers in various locations. That’s because we don’t want to get nor give anyone cold and flu germs this time of the year. If you need to send us any tax documents remember that you can always take a scan of it from your computer and upload it to www.sendtotshb.com . If you only have an ipad or phone, let us know and we can set up a client portal and invite you to our ShareFile client portal.

We can also do conference calls, video conferencing or any other means of communicating with you if you don’t feel comfortable coming to our office. Finally, remember that we can use electronic signing processes like docusign.com so you can sign your return from the comfort of your home on your phone, ipad or computer.

We will keep you informed of any changes based on information we receive from the IRS and State agencies.