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30 days of security

I’m counting down the month of October and I’m posting each day a topic regarding security.  Today I’d like to remind you to make a plan for what happens to your key digital information should something happen to you.

Just like a financial will, a digital plan for passing along the key information to allow your family members to reach out after you are gone it just a wise thing to do.

Similarly for those of you in businesses, do you have a list of all the admin-y web sites that impact your business and have a plan for passing them along to someone else?  Too often – especially in small businesses – I see these accounts tied to a specific person that when they leave there is a scramble to find all the password logins once they leave.  Often one has to rely on reset processes to get back into things.

So?  If heaven forbid you got hit by a bus?  Do you know if your family would be able to stop all the automatic payments for anything you’ve signed up for?  Have you discussed this with your loved ones?

Working with Attorneys

Typically people think they need an accountant between January and April 15th.  But when there is a dispute that involves financial information, Accountants are the ones that can understand the financial issues at stake.  From dividing up income after a divorce, to transitioning a business to the next generation, ensuring that you understand the tax impact of your decisions is crucial.

perrymasonOften in these disputes one needs the advice of an Attorney.  Often, when one hears the word “Attorney” one immediately thinks of Courtroom dramas and “Perry Mason”.  Most Attorneys spend the bulk of their time outside of the Courtroom ensuring that you never have a need for visiting one.  If you currently do not have an Attorney and are concerned about dividing assets, making business decisions, thinking about Estate planning or any other issues that need someone to help you with both legal issues and numbers, let us know.  We regularly work with many Attorneys throughout California and can provide you with several recommendations and referrals.

Having a good team in your corner helping you to plan for your future is key to helping you get ahead in your business and help you hold onto your assets.

Estate planning a key tool to wealth managment

TSHB Partner Jim Horn assists many of the firm’s clients with Estate advice.

“More than ever, estate planning is a needed tool to ensure you have the retirement you want.  But it shouldn’t be seen as only needed for the older established family member, but also as a planning tool for business succession planning and for planning to ensure that the family’s resources are there to pay for long term health care or other long term needs.  Early on you need to be thinking about your family’s future needs and how to meet long term financial goals. “