30 days of security

I’m counting down the month of October and I’m posting each day a topic regarding security.  Today I’d like to remind you to make a plan for what happens to your key digital information should something happen to you.

Just like a financial will, a digital plan for passing along the key information to allow your family members to reach out after you are gone it just a wise thing to do.

Similarly for those of you in businesses, do you have a list of all the admin-y web sites that impact your business and have a plan for passing them along to someone else?  Too often – especially in small businesses – I see these accounts tied to a specific person that when they leave there is a scramble to find all the password logins once they leave.  Often one has to rely on reset processes to get back into things.

So?  If heaven forbid you got hit by a bus?  Do you know if your family would be able to stop all the automatic payments for anything you’ve signed up for?  Have you discussed this with your loved ones?