29 days of security

It’s a little bit fitting on a day when all of the cell phones in the United States went off with a Presidential alert that today’s paranoia topic is on the increasing impact of phone scams.  Today’s alert wasn’t a scam, but unless you were aware of it, you might not know that it was a real live test of the Emergency Broadcast system.

On a near daily basis we get calls to our land lines and cell phones about any range of topics that are flat out not true.  For example in the United States our tax collection entity, the IRS never calls you out of the blue.  They send old fashioned snail mail letters.  Microsoft never calls you up and says your computer is sending out viruses.  Apple never calls you up and tells you your iPhone needs a patch.

I personally feel that signing up for don’t call me sites doesn’t work.  I think the best way is to look for means to blacklist callers.  For AT&T there is a call protect app that blocks known scammers.  Xfinity voice has a similar blocking means.

So what are you using to get alerted to phone scams and to block phone scams?