Time to pick up your tax return!

If you haven’t yet been in to pick up your tax return never fear, we still have time left for you to pick up your tax return.  These days you can do it in person, or as long as we have your email address, we can send you your tax return to be electronically signed.

And of course if you need more time, we can extend your return.

As you pick up your return in person, help yourself to some candy that we always have in a dish out front.  We’re still working on figuring out how to email candy though, so if you sign electronically that’s one benefit you’ll be missing out on.

Don’t forget, this year tax deadline day is April 17, 2018!  We get two extra days because firstly the 15th lands on the weekend and then the 16th is a holiday in Washington DC where the IRS headquarters is.


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