The IRS is having a bad day today

It’s the final day when the IRS gets your hard earned money from you.  Even our copier is bleeding today!  Seriously a little explosion of Magenta toner occurred with one of our copier machines just a bit ago.  Fortunately we have backup copiers and multiple ways to still complete and file your tax return.  Interestingly enough the IRS is having a bad day today as well.  Their online site for payments is offline right now and we haven’t been given an estimate of when it will be back online.  Remember you can always mail your payment in the old fashioned way with a check and a stamp.  Or you can do an electronic payment from your bank and that will count as well.

The Franchise tax board webpay site is still operational  if you owe State tax.  If you want to use a credit card to pay either the federal or state tax due, you can use the site but remember they charge a convenience charge for using credit cards.

For a few more hours a local bank is doing a shredding event to help with identity theft protection.  Remember though to NOT shred this year’s information but to keep it for seven years.  After seven years you can shred your tax information.

As always thank you to all of our clients as the 2017 tax filing season comes to a close!

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